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    Boeing 747-8I with detailed cockpit


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    Boeing 747-8I with detailed cockpit

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:18 am

    Boeing 747-8I with detailed cockpit

    Author: SkylineGTRFreak
    Date: 26.02.2013
    Downloads: 19081
    Filesize: 8.602 MB

    Description: Okay, one thing ahead: The file size is pretty big (.wft: 3.5 mb/.wtd: 4.5 mb), so if your PC isn't that capable of running IV smooth, you shouldn't download this.

    Okay, so this is the first commercial airliner adapted for JulioNIB's aircraft script. The mod includes working gears, rudders and elevators. Probably the best thing is the very detailed virtual cockpit of FSX, which I modfied to fit into this model. The 747 has multi livery ability, following airlines are included in the .wtd file:

    Air Canada
    Japan Airlines
    747 Boeing Sunrise House Livery

    Download Here

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