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    BMX v1 For GTA IV


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    BMX v1 For GTA IV

    Post by Admin on Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:37 am

    BMX v1

    Author: Rockstar Games k1slim AxeLite
    Autor Email:
    Date: 26.09.2009
    Downloads: 75922
    Filesize: 1.419 MB

    Description: A convertion from GTASA to GTA4

    +new realistic detailed spokes
    +new HQ textures and normal maps
    +realistic characteristics
    +chromeplated details
    +ability to paint all details in 3 different colours
    +hands are on handlebars
    +Niko correctly sits
    +point of view shot camera

    But there are some troubles which we can't to solve now:
    -sound of the motor and radio
    -Niko doesn't twist a pedals and feet are stand not on pedals
    -there is a front suspension

    Replaces "Faggio" (recommended) or any vehicle which you want.
    Full english and russian readme and big screenshot are inside of archive.

    Download Here

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