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    Finnair Airplane Mod v1.0


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    Finnair Airplane Mod v1.0 Empty Finnair Airplane Mod v1.0

    Post by Admin Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:18 am

    Finnair Airplane Mod v1.0

    Author: Finking
    Autor Email:
    Date: 29.07.2009
    Downloads: 11325
    Filesize: 1.315 MB

    Description: Finnair Airplane Mod v 1.0 by Finking

    FlyUS texture camed to boring so i changed it with this new one; Finnair airplane texture!

    -Download & Open Spark IV
    -Click Browse Or Open then find:
    pc/data/maps/props/lev_des/minigame.img and import the new cj_plane_1.wdr
    and then press save then close.

    Finnair Airplane Mod v1.0 Finnairplane

    Download Here

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