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    Drift Track 7# Docks


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    Drift Track 7# Docks  Empty Drift Track 7# Docks

    Post by Admin Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:11 am

    Drift Track 7# Docks

    Author: kosseboy
    Date: 15.10.2013 | 1731 Downloads
    Filesize: 14.063 KB

    map made for advanced drifters- objects mainly conrete barriors, boat ramps, water bars. something 600+ objects, 2 files
    located in docks, video from track below, rar file has installation instructions
    thx for mrbubbles being tandem partner for the video.

    Drift Track 7# Docks  Thb_1381836049_GTAIV%202013-10-15%2010-37-07-218

    Drift Track 7# Docks  1381836049_GTAIV%202013-10-15%2010-38-04-461

    Drift Track 7# Docks  1381836049_GTAIV%202013-10-15%2010-39-15-649

    Drift Track 7# Docks  1381836049_GTAIV%202013-10-15%2010-39-32-777


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