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    GTA V Fighterjet


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    GTA V Fighterjet Empty GTA V Fighterjet

    Post by Admin Mon Feb 03, 2014 6:11 am

    GTA V Fighterjet

    Author: SkylineGTRFreak
    Date: 31.01.2013
    Downloads: 9674
    Filesize: 4.269 MB

    Description: So, probably most (if not all) of you should have seen this jet on 3 of Rockstar's screenshots. So I decided to recreate this jet for IV, since we have the airplane script now. So the pc players already have a little V feeling Razz Elevators, Flaps and Gear are working, custom MG and engine position. Detailed cockpit included. Also comes with 4 textures and multi livery ability.

    If you like this or any other of my mods, please show that you appreciate my mod and subscribe to my youtube channel to encourage me for more

    GTA V Fighterjet Thb_1359645615_V_Fighter

    GTA V Fighterjet Thb_1359645615_VC GTA V Fighterjet Thb_1359645615_VJ GTA V Fighterjet Thb_1359645615_VMG

    Download Here

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