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    Boeing 757-200


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    Boeing 757-200 Empty Boeing 757-200

    Post by Admin Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:30 am

    Boeing 757-200

    Author: udihow
    Date: 04.05.2012
    Downloads: 15779
    Filesize: 8.547 MB

    Description: B752 for GTA IV.
    vehicles.ide, handling.dat and vehoff.csv lines included.
    Orig. model: Posky
    Orig. textures: Tom Harlaar
    This is just some kind of test, and apart from IVs bad plane handling the large collision makes it handle a bit weird in some cases (try to avoid buildings). Works OK in IVMP, single player not tested (yet).
    NOTE: Gear and gear doors are extra 0 and 1!
    And if it is gonna be used in SP, dont let peds use it, it will probably just cause crashes.

    Boeing 757-200 1336127599_1336083910_b752

    Download Here

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